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It all started when our barn got too full of “old stuff” to fit our cars.  Something had to be done! 


For years we had casually searched for the perfect location and building for an antique mall business, but just never seemed to find exactly what we were looking for.  So our flea market, estate sale, and antique auction finds just kept piling up in the barn for our future dream business.  When Keith retired from his job in 2007, the search for a building suddenly became more than just a casual pastime. 

Keith was ready to start a new “fun” phase of life. 


Who knew that a chance drive through the quaint village of New Paris, Ohio, would lead us to a stately and somewhat dilapidated old IOOF building (Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge) built in 1873.   It fit all of our criteria -- just two miles from a major interstate, in a small town with local interest, and perhaps most importantly, a price tag that was within our budget!  (See more about the history and rehab of our great old building on the Building History link.)


After many months of hard labor and calling in every favor we ever had (and then some) to bring the old IOOF building back to life, the barn was raided and stored up treasures were installed in our freshly cleaned, painted, and patched up building.  We put up a sign announcing available vendor space, and within a year nearly three floors were filled up causing us to begin looking for ways to expand.  Since then, the basement and our next door building have also been incorporated into mall floor space.


The New Paris Antique Mall is now bursting with approximately 10,000 square feet of antiques offered by nearly 30 vendors and it’s just the right size for a delightful antique excursion in the country.  It’s not so big that you become overwhelmed with mind-numbing row after row and of items that all begin to look alike after a while, and it’s just large enough to well-satisfy your itch to rummage and find a great buy.  We pride ourselves in providing a wonderful array of affordable antiques of many styles and periods that are nicely displayed in a friendly, inviting, and clean atmosphere.  


A stroll through our historic building is a delight to the senses as you enjoy the spicy smell of country candles, the salty taste of warm popcorn that is always on hand, while reminiscing to some great forties music piped throughout the building on a daily basis.  And if you come on the weekends, you will be happily greeted at the door by Cookie (our Boston Terrier) who wiggle up to every visitor and are always pleased to receive a pat on the head.


We pinch ourselves all the time because all of the years of collecting and thinking how fun it would be to have our own store has actually come to fruition and we are having a blast!  Oh, and by the way, we still can’t seem to fit the cars in the barn . . .


Welcome to our new website! Did you know that Our beautiful Antique Mall is housed in an historic building & in the late 1800's held a convention of past Union Soldiers...

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